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South Africa's most innovative in Mineral Beneficiation

What is Amava mining investments:

Amava Mining is mainly involved in the mineral recovery and beneficiation areas of the mining industry. This part of the business was initiated by the Amava group 6 years ago, as a point of entry into the mining sector, which is a substantial part of the GDP’s in South Africa and Africa.  By using the Group’s extensive experience and knowledge base in the technology space, Amava Mining was able to identify areas in the mining industry that were overlooked, but where significant value could be created. Following the Group’s ethos of changing the lives of ordinary Africans using the economy as a lever, Amava Mining embarked on its strategy of a beneficiation business.


In search of new horizons and eager to expand their investment portfolio, in 2008 Amava Group Capital ventured into the unfamiliar territory of Chrome mining; this was the birth of Amava Mining Investments. They designed and commissioned a Chrome Beneficiation plant from the ground up. However, being the innovators that they are, it did not suffice to simply be in the Chrome mining trade and it was not long before Amava Mining were on the lookout for a niche in the market and ways to improve and refine their mining operation. It was during this search that they recognised the need for tailing removal from mines in the area; it stirred in them a desire to make their mining operation ‘Green’. Using their own Intellectual property they developed a process by which Chrome mine tailings are further refined into a product which can then be re-sold and re-used. Amava have since perfected this process to such a degree that the very companies who they acquired the tailings from are now buying it back. Pleased with their achievements in Chrome tailing recovery and with a fervent desire to spread this eco-friendly model to other sectors within the mining industry, in 2012 Amava further expanded their operation to the coal mines. Amava found a way to take coal discard and amalgamate it to form a product which can then be used as organic fertilizer and a low emission fuel for power stations and boilers. Currently Amava are responsible for the removal of 1 million tons of coal discard from mines in South Africa.

Meet the team

Puven Ramasamy
Puven Ramasamy
CEO: Amava Group Capital

Puven is a commerce graduate from the University of Cape Town, and has been extensively involved in the Corporate and Merchant Banking industry in South Africa. In addition he serves on the boards of Fujitsu South Africa, Autus Growth (Pty) Ltd, Amava Information Technologies (Pty) Ltd and HR-Focus Holdings (Pty) Ltd.

Pillai Prabaharan
Pillai Prabaharan
CEO: Amava Mining

Pillai is an honours graduate from the City University (London). Pillai started his career in Information Technology in 1982 and designed and developed a large scale ERP system that dominated the Australian Commonwealth Public sector market. He is a Director of HR Focus. (Pty) Ltd.

Bonakele Pemba
Bonakele Pemba
Executive Amava

Bobo worked for a subsidiary of Post Office (Pensecure (Pty) Ltd) as a marketing director; subsequently he joined the Post Office as Regional Manager Retail in the Eastern Cape. He is a founding member of the George Pemba Art Foundation and Gallery as well as the very prominent Eastern Cape Awards.

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